Born in 2009, ZOO COFFEE started its operation in China in 2012. So far, more than 350 stores have been opened in China Mainland, China Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, and other countries and regions.

In ZOO COFFEE, animal characters are a permanent theme – presented in a sophisticated way. Through large murals, lighting, sculptures, prints & patterns, custom furniture, plush toys, and many other details, ZOO COFFEE seeks to bring into life its one-of-a-kind ZOO Aesthetics – the mutual care between human society, and nature.

ZOO COFFEE advocates equality, universal love, and a refined lifestyle. It always regards public welfare, environmental protection and social responsibility as its key corporate values.

In the future, ZOO COFFEE will keep expanding its international presence to serve more consumers; and create cross-over and diversified new consumption scenarios.

ZOO COFFEE in the world

ZOO COFFEE, a rising star in the coffee industry, has achieved remarkable achievement in a short time and has gained increasing brand influence. We have already expanded the market to South Korea, mainland China, China Taiwan, the Philippines, Italy, China. ZOO COFFEE plans to further expand its overseas market with Southeast Asia as its starting point to America.

CSV(Creating Shared Value) strategy

ZOO PAPER is an important part of the practice of “Youth Love Nature". It uses “the retro ” as a textural media of newspaper to let coffee drinkers know more about this blue planet, opening international horizons, and treat nature and animals more kindly.

The content of each issue includes famous wildlife conservation activists' sharing, strategies, information and the dreams of youth. It is currently published quarterly and distributed free at ZOO COFFEE stores.

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One-of-a-kind ZOO Aesthetics – Adoring animals and the natural world

A space design inspired by the wonder of nature and the dynamic animal world. Warm lighting, animal prints, large murals, nature-honoring ornaments, and numerous animal characters blend to create an urban oasis. Here happiness is served to people of any age, as kids explore surprises with their eyes wide open, and adults immerse in comfort and consolation.

CSV(Creating Shared Value) strategy


Protecting animals and loving nature, closely related to everyone's life, but it is also the universal values of young people around the world. "No use, no trading, no harm." Sonorous, short, simple, changing the world by thinking. Three no declaration of "Youth Love nature", so that each one would be cool themselves.